Alex (wordequalsound) wrote in tellhimtonight,

((Rules and guidelines))

((Well, I am writing this mainly so that we, the players, can remember what's the deal here.

*The player's LJ is used to post entries of how the characters has felt about a certain situation, or several ones during a period of time. When an entry is posted, the comment function is turned off, to indicate that no RPing can go on in the LJ entries as well.

*Thus, all RPing goes on in the main community: tellhimtonight

*There is a proper timeline which we follow, so to read the entries in the main comm and each other's LJs is very important. This to not miss out any details or mess up terribly. Of course, we are all humans and one mistake here and there can be fixed, but try to keep it organised, will you? It'll make us all happy in the end! w00t.

More will be added as the RP goes on.))
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