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Tell Him Tonight

Tell Him Tonight RPG
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Note: This RP is no longer active, but kept for the sake of memories and the likes.

tellhimtonight is another Franz Ferdinand RPG for you to either ignore or stalk. Take your pick.

Disclaimer: Whatever goes on here doesn't reflect the lives of the actual bandmembers of Franz Ferdinand, and the RP might, ok, WILL, veer into sexual oriented nature, dark angst and violence, so kiddies, be gone!

Notice that this roleplaying game is an AU one (AU = Alternate Universe), meaning it is set in London when the blokes where in their 20's and from there, they meet each other and crazy things occur. And yes, some of their years of birth are changed too, but like I said, it is an AU.

If any of you are like "I WANNA JOIN *WHINE*", eh... Well, I hadn't planned that far yet. I'll think about it. Read and enjoy in the meantime.

Here are the guidelines and rules that the players will follow.