Nick (rosenheim) wrote in tellhimtonight,

Repressed Desires

-Nick purses his lips and runs a hand over his nose. He'd convinced his nurse to take the cast off, mostly because it was painful to look at himself in it. Maybe it hadn't been a great idea to get it off, but he wasn't about to go back now...not when he'd run away. They'd lock him up, or at least change his nurse. He clears his mind with a shake of his head and steps out of the lift, moving towards Alex's flat. He feels a twinge of unease with the fact that he intends to go inside his...ex-lover's flat, but with Alex still in the hospital, he doesn't think it'll be too much of a problem. Besides, he has to talk to Paul. Or Bob. He isn't about to let Alex go that easily.

He purses his lips again out of nervous habit and knocks on the flat door.-
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