Nick (rosenheim) wrote in tellhimtonight,

Melody of the Heart

-Nick sits in front of his new keyboard, the one he'd bought only hours before. He'd seen a music store by the hotel he'd gone to with Audrey, and decided it was time to start playing again. Music had always helped him clear his mind. Only, his mind was too busy to sit still long enough, and Nick can't think of anything to play.

He runs his hand over the keys, delighting in the sound it gave off. He sighs and fidgets in his chair, looking around. Automatically his eyes land on the red scarf he'd tied around one of the legs of the keyboard stand. His hands perch on the white and black keys, and a melody teases at the edge of his mind.

Frowning, he tries to play it. It comes out wrong, but he keeps trying, altering it every other time, sometimes stopping halfway through to restart. Lost in trying to figure it out, he scribbles the notes out each time he thinks he has it, only to toss it on the floor and begin anew.

Finally, he sits back, slipping his pencil behind his ear, staring at the music. It has to be it, nothing else sounds as right as this version. And carefully, lightly, he plays it. Playing it again, he wonders where he's heard it before.

It hits him - it was the song Alex had sung to him one night. He shudders, snatching his hands back. He takes the sheet music and writes the words down sloppily, then stands, dropping the paper on top of the keyboard and walking to his room. Obviously music wasn't going to help him clear his mind any.-
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