Robert (sectoraurea) wrote in tellhimtonight,

Home sweet home.

*it is beginning to get dark when Bob finds himself again in front of the door of the flat that he has to call home now. The memory of what happened earlier burns in his mind, not as clear anymore, but as a dull ache, embarrasment and regret, mixed with slight panic, but also some kind of excitement.

You wanted to start a new life, Robert, and isn't this what you wanted?

He glances at the sky, covered with clouds; it might start to rain soon. Bob sighs, knowing he doens't have any choices: he has to go in. He climbs the stairs, hesitating a little before opening the door with the key Alex gave him earlier. The lock makes a clicking sound, and it echoes in the half-empty flat ominously.

No one seems to be here, good.

He takes off his coat, tossing it somewhere, and walks to the sofa, not caring to turn the lights on. He sighs deep again, and lies himself on the soft cushions, staring at the ceiling.*
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